Output and export situation of China refractories in Q1 2019

 1. Output of China refractory products


In the first quarter of 2019, the total output of China refractory products was 4,209.5 thousand tons, down 11.53% YoY, according to the statistics of ACRI (Association of China Refractories Industry). Among the total output, dense shaped refractory products were yielded 2,672.6 thousand tons, down 10.29% YoY; output of insulating refractory products was 88.4 thousand tons, down 29.22% YoY; that of monolithic refractories was 1,448.5 thousand tons, down 12.42% YoY, with data chart shown below:



2. China import and export of refractories

During the first three months, China’s total import and export trading value of refractory raw materials and products amounted to US$ 1.001 billion, edging down 6.71% YoY, in which export value totalled at US$ 0.91 billion, down 7.75% YoY, and import value reached US$ 91 million, nudging up 5.06% YoY.



In this period, there were about 1,432 thousand tons of refractory raw materials and products exported from China, edging down 3.71% YoY, in which exports of refractory raw materials slid down 4.51% YoY to 1,032.3 thousand tons, and exports of refractory products were about 399.7 thousand tons, down 1.58% YoY.



2.1 Exports of China major types of refractory raw materials:

From January to March 2019, China’s exports of fused magnesia were 106.8 thousand tons, down 21.42% YoY, and that of dead burned magnesia was 250.6 thousand tons, growing by 19.13% YoY;

Exports of fireclay, brown fused alumina and white fused alumina were 163.7 thousand tons, 133.9 thousand tons and 57.7 thousand tons, respectively up -13.01%, 15.95% and 15.19% YoY.

Exports of flake graphite and silicon carbide were 33.2 thousand tons and 66.2 thousand tons, down 10.75% and 15.97% YoY separately.



2.2 Exports of China major types of refractory products

China exports of basic refractory products were 210.4 thousand tons, down 10.94% YoY; exports of aluminosilicate refractory products were 164.2 thousand tons, boosting 18.18% YoY; exports of other refractory products were 25.1 thousand tons, down 18.86% YoY.



3. Features of China refractories industry in Q1 2019


3.1 A large decline in output of refractory products by 548.7 thousand tons or 11.53% YoY, due to the big drop of output in Henan and Shandong, respectively down by 15.8% and 47.23% YoY, partialy because of some production halts in Henan in the environmental protection process, and partialy because of the gradual implementation of 2 million tons of refractories capacity reduction plan in Zibo;


3.2 A big drop in prices of major types of refractory raw materials to different extent, coupled with the reduced profit level of major downstream industries, followed by their strong willingness to reduce purchase prices, resulting in declining prices of refractory products and further shrinking profit margins of refractory products manufacturers;


3.3 Overall decline in export quantity, trade value and average export price, seperately down by 3.71%, 6.71% and 4.20% YoY, with export quantity of refractory raw ramaterials and refractory products down 4.51% and 1.58% YoY, and average export price of raw materials and products down 4.38% and 5.09% YoY


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