Prices of White Fused Alumina in Shandong Market has Risen


Window of Refractory Material Net News: Prices of industrial alumina continue to rise. So far, prices of CHALCO non-metallurgical industrial alumina has risen five times in a row. Affected by it, prices of white fused alumina in Shandong market also begin to increase, and the increase is about 200 yuan per ton.

It is reported that the local white fused alumina production enterprise was expected to increase by about 300 yuan per ton, but because the downstream procurement industry does not accept such a large price increase, so after the market game, the current price is only up 200 yuan per ton.The main reason for the price increase of industrial alumina is that the continuous unfolding of red mud events in Shanxi, which eventually leads to suspension for rectification of Xinfa Aluminum Industry and Feimei Aluminum Industry in Jiaokou and Huaqing Aluminum Industry in Xiaoyi. In addition, bauxite resources are tight at present and it’s expected that there is still room for the price increase of industrial alumina in the later stage. Prices of white fused alumina will continue to rise.

At present, the mainstream prices of white fused alumina sand (Al2O3≥99%) in Shandong market are 5,500-5,800 yuan per ton (EXW prices including tax). Some high-end white fused alumina sand are priced at 5,800-6,000 yuan per ton and fines are priced at 5,600-5,800 yuan per ton (EXW prices including tax).

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